• Qarluq Visualization Development

    Our visualization department specializes in multiple different kinds of simulation including architectural ,historical information , data, scientific ,oil industry, fire protection...etc.


    We Have Contracted With Crytek For Virtual Reality Development. We’ll Use Oculus Devices In Our Visual Content.

  • Architectural visualization

    We make 3D blueprints and 3D animated visual content including design visualization, architecture presentation drawing, construction 3D roaming, preliminary design assistance, multi-media demonstration, and project design simulation.

    Medicial Visualization

    We make 3D animated video content of surgeries or any other medical process to batter understand of treatment process.

    Historical Visualization
    Part of visual story telling technology.
  • Data visualization

    Data visualization is viewed by many disciplines as a modern equivalent of visual communication.

  • Information visualization

    in this big data age we have lots of information. when we use the visualzation method we can achieve the goal of efficiently spreading more information in less time.

    Qarluq visualization demo reel 2016

    CG Animation Training Courses

    Qarluq Animation Studio & Qarluq School

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