About us

Qarluq is a digital content production and software development company in Urumchi and Shanghai, China, founded in November 1998. Combining animated films and software to provide a product for new media platforms (web and mobile) is the main design and production target of Qarluq. The company’s service includes 360-degree movie production for museums and studios, visual effects and full-featured 3D animation film production, TV and game industries, online interactive 3D virtual reality development and visualization for museums, exhibitions and research institutions, as well as game and mobile application development for education providers. In 2010, Qarluq established its own animation and software school insuring the rapid growth of our core creative team. Qarluq creates its own industrial eco-system, a symbolic icon of eastern culture in the animation and software industries.

Qarluq Leadership

Executive Profiles

  • Pahridin Qarluq CEO Qarluq
  • Erkin Nurehmet President Qarluq
  • Li Mengling Vice Executive Officer Qarluq
  • Yan Li Marketing Operation Manager Qarluq
  • Song Lijun Financial Manager Qarluq
  • Ilyas Abduweli Chief Creative Officer Qarluq
  • Sherfidin President Qarluq School
  • Umerjan Abdun General Manager Qarluq IT
  • Nurmuhemmet General Manager Qarluq Mobile
  • Musajan Abla General Manager Qarluq Game
  • Bahtiyar Ilham General Manager Qarluq Animation Studio
  • Qarluq Media Helpline(0991-2877006)
  • History We are ready to open the door of eastern culture,with extraordinary media productions. 1998-11

    founder: Pahirdin Shirip

    • Qarluq Computer Service Center was Built

    • The First Professional Graphics Editing Computer was Bought

    • Letter-chart Operating System in Uyghur Version was Created

    • Qarluq Studio was Built

    • The First 3D TV Commercial was Made.14 Graphics Projects Completed by The End of Year

    • Expert Visual Effects Working Pipeline was Made

    • 15 Graphics Projects were Completed

    • Qarluq Cultural Spreading Company was Built

    • Graphics Project Workflow was Made

    • 24 Graphics Projects were Completed

    • Graphics Projects were Divided To Levels and Systemized in the First Step

    • 81 Graphics Projects were Completed

    • Pahridin Qarluq gave The Speech < We Need to Cooperate > at Minzu

    • 135 Graphics Projects were completed

    • Company Registered Investments rose to One Million RMB

    • Value Added Telecommunications Business Licence acquired

    • 17th of January Plan was initiated

    • Cooperation of 2007 was Arranged

    • Pahridin Qarluq Met With Apple Inc. & Gnomon School

    • Qarluq’s Art of Computer Graphics Training Class began

    • Qarluq’s Apple Development Lab was Built

    • The First Stop Motion Animation Competition was held

    • Qarluq’s Apple Developer Conference was opened

    • Ablet Abla and Ekber Ibrahim both received the Apple Scholarship

    • People from Qarluq’s lab attended WWDC, and Pahridin Qarluq met with investors from Palo Alto

    • Qarluq Media Technology Company recognized adherence to stockmarket regulations

    • The second Master of Art of Computer Graphics Training Class began

    • Companies registered investment rose to five million RMB

    • Qarluq moved to 2000m² new work area

    • Standard New Information System was created

    • The new animated short film “Trap” was completed

    • The second stop-motion animation competition held

    • The first Qarluq Seasonal Conference was held

    • Recruitment for the first Master of Software Development Training Class began

    Visualize Everything
     One of the top 10.
    National Animation Firm.
    National High-Tech Firm.
    National Demonstration Base of Culture
    Top 10 Key Companies in Pre-IPO of X.U.A.R
    #1 Service Pur-sourcing Training Base

     One of the top 10.       National Animation Firm.       National High-Tech Firm.

    National Demonstration Base of Culture        Top 10 Key Companies in Pre-IPO of X.U.A.R

    #1 Service Pur-sourcing Training Base